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Types of Travel Insurances in Singapore

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Types of travel insurances in Singapore can be usually categorised into two types.

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance
  • Annual Travel Insurance

Various companies pack these insurance types with different marketing packages, however the basic idea of these types remain the same.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

As the name states, these are travel insurances covering just single trip. These are usually very cheap options and may cover you towards flight delays, medical expenses, loss of personal possessions etc during the single trip declared when the insurance is bought.

Single trip insurances offered by providers in Singapore usually require you to buy these before your trip commences from Singapore. The trip should start and end in Singapore.

Various options to buy single trip travel insurances are available. Usually the flight operators also tie up with providers to provide these coverages.

Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Travel insurances are usually an annually covered policies for any number of travels undertaken by the insured to declared zones or regions. Annual Travel insurances require you to declare before hand your region of travel- which includes ASEAN, ASIA or WORLDWIDE. It is good to check with the providers on their definition of the regions- as some do not include all countries in the region . Also some might include some of the oceanic countries like NewZealand, Fiji, Australia etc under Asia where else others include them under worldwide.

The protection of the annual travel insurances are quite similar to single trips in most cases. However it is good to read the fine prints.

Various insurance companies may provide with extra optional benefits with either of this cover types- e.g., some include Pet hotel – costs towards finding an accommodation for your pet in case of flight delays etc are covered, or optional benefits for extreme sports- where you would be covered for damages from sports as far as you are not competing professionally.